Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jesus is the Answer to Cancer

The World Cancer Report said that cancer rates are likely to increase at an alarming rate globally by 50% to 15 Million new cases in the year 2020 (Geneva, April 3, 2003). But we can make a difference by taking action today, because we have an opportunity, to stem the increase by lifestyle changes. 

Speaking in San Jose, California, Prophet Kim Clement is on record saying that, "the medical field and the pharmaceutical world are going to open up to you because there are discoveries that have been held captive for many, many, many decades."

"Cancer will be known as a sickness of the past. Diabetes will be known as a sickness of the past. When the time comes, remember the oak tree, remember the tree. Invest in it, for you will not make millions, you will make billions of dollars. Why? Because this shall be an upright thing that shall be discovered. It shall be from the earth and they shall say, We were walking on it, and the healing came from that simple thing.

"That discovery is about to be made. I give you a secret today: look to the tree. Look to the Oak tree. Look to it in your investments because when it does come forth," God said, "I will cause My people to prosper overnight for they shall bring cures to cancer, to diabetes, to neurological problems, to Alzheimer's," and God said, "they will be known as diseases of the past."

Cancer – Jesus is the answer to cancer. The earth is about to yield scientifically; it will be proven that it is done, it is finished, and it shall produce the cure for these diseases that I just mentioned. And it shall be one of those rapid things that just cleans it up immediately. That's all I can tell you.

Kim Clement:
Prophesied on December 12, 2010 from San Jose, CA,

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