We Believe

The Bible is the Word of God in the words of men. It is inspired and inerrant in its original autographs. It is a complete and final revelation of God.
We believe in the unity of the Divine Being. There is but one God (Deut. 6:4), in essence and in person, from whom and in whom there is a divine three fold manifestation and relationship made known as Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
  1. As Father, God is Creator and first cause of all existence; 
  2. As Son He is Redeemer in time: and 
  3. As Holy Ghost, He is Regenerator- the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour.        
We believe that Jesus Christ was both human and Divine; God manifested in the flesh, the Eternal Father made visible, apart from whom there is no God (1Tim. 3:16).
We believe that Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh, born of a virgin (Matt. 1:23), without sin, and the chosen Messiah who will one day set up His kingdom on earth.
We believe as it's a fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, was buried, rose again from the dead, ascended back to heaven, and will one day return to this earth a second time to reign as King. (Act 1:11).
We believe that after Adam's transgression all persons are born sinners, and are guilty before a Holy God, deserving of judgment, and in need of a Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord (Rom. 3:23; 6:23).
We believe in the Baptism by immersion in the name of Jesus Christ because it is Apostolic in origin and in practice (Acts 2:38; 8:12-17; 10:47; 19:1-6).
We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in other tongues. The Holy Ghost is God indwelling, empowering and regenerating the believer and is called the Comforter, the Spirit of truth (Acts 10:44-48; St. John 16:7-15). 
We believe that Jesus has paid a full ransom for His people, and in addition to the Jews with whom He has guaranteed His covenant forever (Ps.111:9); “God first visited the Gentiles to take out of them a people to bear His name" (Acts 15:14).
We believe that the Church (Body of Christ) is universal and is not limited to a denomination, an organization or any sect. It is a living organism through which God’s love and purpose for mankind is displayed.
We believe that at the end of this age God will judge the living and the dead (2Tim. 4:1; 1Pet.4:5). He will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. The unrighteous (Goats) will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous (Sheep) to eternal life” (Matt. 25:31-46).